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Z11 vs Z12

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Generation 2 & 3 are both Great cars thou some might argue the Z12 has a better spec , A slightly bigger 1600 or 1800 engine a bit faster and maybe a few more MPG and a bit more modern and more drivers legroom .
As for looks The Z12 could be compared to an Ice cube that's started melt, still a cube like but more contemporary in appearance and less Cube like.
Could the Z11 be the Cooler looking car like an Ice cube before it has started to melt ?, less curves and more straight lines .
Love to know what does it for you the Gen 2 or 3 and why ?
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I personally like both generations of the cube the astetics of both have pros and cons depending on ones preference but I favor the z12 more then the z11 due to it's international marketing and modern styling.the z11 is great aswell it's just that it isn't as appealing as the z12s nooks asd crannies.but the z11 has a good aftermarket when it comes to customisation..and it definitely stands out in the crowd just like the z12s does.
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