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Will these rims fit?

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Hi i just got my cube bought some megan springs and im looking at some 18's.. will they fit?

Size - 18 "x 8 "

Bolt Pattern
4x100 / 4x114.3

Offset +40mm

Thanks for your help.. and any tire sizes?
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im just guessing but i think you might have some issues with rubbing. itll be really close.
turning you think will be the problem? or too wide for the fender?
turning will could be a problem... but it might rub the fender when you go over bumps or wavey surfaces. the only way around it is if you get super low pro tires.. but your ride quality would really suck.

im just going by my gut feeling... hopefully someone with a similar setup can shed some light on the issue.

the car is just too new.. you might have to be a cube pioneer and get it done.
You will be ok..just make sure you get a low pro tire.. Check have 18x8's fitting the cube.
like whatcha thinking? 40series 35 series?
40 series should work without any issues---even with the megans.
check this site

it will help you visualize your set up
nice thanks for the help..... if any one has pics of 18s on there cube i would love to see them...
Twisted said:
So 205-40-18 you think? or?
I would definitely go with a 35 profile on an 18'' with this car.
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