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When you first saw the Cube; was it love at first sight?

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Let me start off by saying I had no intention of buying a new car a few weeks ago. I started working from home two years ago and gave my Camry to my son to use at college. In my mind, I knew my next car would be a Toyota Prius mainly due to the gas mileage and technology. However, the price, the shape (narrow width), and the fact that I was able to get around by borrowing my wife’s car or riding my bike held me back from buying one.

A couple weeks ago I was helping my sister-in-law shop for a car using the Cash-For-Clunkers program. Her brother was giving her the clunker and had steered her towards the Nissan Versa. He asked me to stop by the local Nissan dealership on Sunday evening (after they were closed) to look at the Versa.

I was peeking in the window of a few Versas and made the observation that all cars look pretty much the same inside. The dash was always this big slopping mass of black plastic with the same basic instrument panel layout. My brother-in-law asked me to turn around and look at a Cube that was parked next to the Versa. I turned and took one look at the green color and boxy shape and said it looked goofy and the color reminded me of baby's diarrhea (sorry Moss Green owners). Up until then, I had not seen the Cube on the road nor had I seen a commercial; that was truly my first impression. I then turned my attention back to the Versa.

The next day we went back to the dealer to test drive the Versa. When we drove into the lot I noticed there was a black Cube in the corner show spot by the street. I took one look at it and had a totally different reaction than the day before. I noticed the wide stance, boxy/curvy shape, the cool looking front end and wrap around rear window. When I looked in the window, I noticed the wave shaped dash; finally a car that looked different inside. I then went into the showroom and sat inside a chrome-silver model. My first impression was how easy it was to get into the car, the head room, the general roominess, and the comfortable seats. At that point I was hooked. Seeing the side opening cargo door, folding rear seats, wave top liner, and discovering they are manufactured in Japan drove me over the top and I made a very-rare for me impulse buy. Don’t misunderstand; I did a massive research effort during the next few days before I actually bought one; but I usually take weeks or months when I make large purchases.

This past Saturday I took my caribbean-blue Cube on a lunch date. I did ask my wife if she wanted to come, but she turned us down. So I got on the Pennsylvania Turnpike; drove 50 miles, stopped at a Red Robin restaurant and sat outside on the patio eating a gourmet burger while admiring my Cube in the parking lot. Life doesn’t get much better than that.
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I went in to test drive a Rogue. Afterward, we're walking into the dealership to "talk numbers" when the salesman pointed out their first Cube sitting under their tent during their May tent sale. I truly laughed out loud at it.

Then he dared me to drive it....... :yes:
my first look was through my boyfriend who showed me a few pictures of the 2nd gen cube from japan. this was a few years ago. i immediately fell in love, but since it was japan only, i knew it was futile...until i learned that the 3rd gen would be released in the US! as you can imagine, i was stoked at the news. keep in mind that this was before any photos had been released, so i waited with baited breath, checking this forum daily for any updates.

i admit i was somewhat disappointed with the new look for the US market (i preferred the smaller bumpers of the JDM) and lack of AWD, but i knew i'd be getting one regardless because i liked the other features. thankfully, the styling has definitely grown on me, and nowadays i actually like the 3rd gen more than the 2nd gen ;) the caribbean blue is just too gorgeous to pass up!
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It was love at first site for me. I always like unique vehicles. Something that screams hey I am not an ordinary person, take me as i am or don't, it matters not. So I have liked the Scion Xb... not so much now, they made them ugly, and the soul is cute but no blue so no thank you. I have been wanting a blue car for so very long. My husband showed me on the internet a Suzuki Lapin I liked it but they are not here... so sorry Lapin. Then he showed my the Cube before it was released here I was in love with the car. But we could not afford a new car :( Wah! Then out of no where my mother decides she did not like my 2001 Sebring coupe it was a cute fun car, not a Cube but it was all we could do at that time. So she gave me some money towards a new car... sweet! So here we go I drove all the way to New Hampshire to get the cube I wanted, a pretty blue one. I still love it so much, my lil baby cube.
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It was more like interest at first sight. I thought it looked weird but cool at the same time and I was interested enough to stop by a dealership to look at it in person. The love part came in when I first sat inside the Cube!
I had been seeing and kind of driving one for years because they are one of the cars you can buy, mod and race on the video game Grand Turismo 4. My Cube in the game will do 135 down the front stretch at Fuji Raceway btw. LOL! I can't say I fell in love at first sight but when I sat in it I was sold. It was the interior that sold me. It was huge and it was like sitting in a concept vehicle.
nice...for me it all started after seeing pictures online that nissan had this car in japan. i knew i had to get my hands on one right away. :)
I saw this during the commercials of HERO'S and from the add alone knew I wanted it, I never even test drove one till after I drove 3 hours to pick mine up! Did not matter to me, I was committed to the vehicle.

I have zero regrets!

when i was a senior in high school, a friend of mine had a 1st gen cube, and it was honestly more of an interior car. i wasn't a fan of the outside at all.

fast forward a few years to when i visited my dad in mainland japan for the holiday season. i saw the 2nd gen cube for the first time and tripped out. i thought, "finally! they made the damn cube a cube!!!"

fast forward to this spring, i found out they were bringing the cube here. i had to have one. i knew i wanted one before seeing any pictures.
I fell in the love with the first gen Cube on a business trip to Japan and the Smart car while traveling Europe. I told myself I would buy those cars if they ever came over - and now we own one of each.

I went back to Tokyo in 2007 when Nissan was showing the 2nd gen Cube at the Tokyo Motor Show. Here are my pics:


More pics of the show here:

-- DavidV :D
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I was ".." this close to buying a Scion xD when I saw the Cube on the web. I killed the Scion deal and now drive a red SL. Yay
Loved the Scion xB, and was always pissed that it was not sold in Canada. Loved the Cube as soon as I got a look at it. Checked out other vehicles, but knew it was going to be a Cube for me. I have always loved the ugly ducklings of the car world.
I have always been a Nissan fan, but wanted an xB because I loved the idea of a box. When I was in Japan in 07 I saw my first Cube. I knew that I could now never own an xB for the fear that, as soon as I did... the Cube would come stateside. Then the second gen xB that came out here... and looked nothing like the second gen bB in Japan.... it killed it 100%..... So about a month ago I bought my Cube.... I've always loved the Asymmetrical little box!!!
No - I hated it - Thought that Nissan had come out with the Japanese equivlent to the Pontiac Aztec. Then time passed and the cash for clunkers deal came out. I had a clunker and was scouring Indianapolis for a good mileage vehicle with a little something different. Drove a CVT Versa and just didnt' like the go cart feel although it was a steal, I couldn't buy it - too boring. They had a 6sp base Cube on the lot. I drove it and it spoke to me. I pondered "will my co-workers mock me for this odd vehicle", but the clock was ticking, my spouse was willing and I said - lets do it. Its now in my garage and I actually just like looking at it, its so damn good lookin and it is indeed spacious.
I didn't immediately like the looks of them. I was leaning towards a Kia Soul but when we actually went to the dealerships and saw them in person....I preferred the cube.
I first saw the cube at the NY auto show. it intrigued me from jump street. my wife said if I bought it, it could very well be grounds for divorce...........yeah, she didnt like it much.

fast forward to August, I was looking for a smaller cheap car to trade my pick up in for under cash for clunkers......test drove the cube. fell in LOVE with it. I'm a big guy and I fit in the car with so much room to spare it's silly. signed the papers that day. called the wife and she groaned but was ok :D
she's cool like that
For me it sorta was, I like oddball cars (I also drive a 64 Corvair Coupe).

The lease was coming up on my Nissan Frontier and they gave me choices. Either turn in the truck and walk away, return it and drive out with a new lease, or return it and buy a car with pre-approved financing. Well we knew we didn’t want to lease again (I like to mod my cars) and surely didn’t want to walk. So we drove down to the stealership on a Sunday to have a look at what’s available. All we saw was a bunch of vehicles that pretty much looked like everything else on every lot, nothing caught my eye.

Then I started cruising the internet, when I went to the Nissan site to check on my lease I noticed an advertisement for the cube. As soon as I saw the pictures I decided this would be my trucks replacement. I solidified this decision after reading through the various forums.

Still never seeing one in person or driving one, I located one equipped the way I wanted it about 600+ miles from home. So I drove down, turned in my lease, and drove home in the cube. No regrets here. - Dan
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