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Wheel lock lost

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Hi everyone,
I purchased a 2012 Cube about 2 months ago. I went to have the oil changed and tires rotated. The mechanic asked me where the wheel lock was and I said it was in the glove box (cause that's where I put it) He comes back and says it's not there! Me and 2 other mechanics search the car completely and no wheel lock. I called a Nissan dealership nearest to me and the service department said they'd have to order a new key using my vin# and that it would take 2 to 3 months for it to come in, plus I would have to pay over $80.00! By the time that comes in I'll have to get new tires! I asked the mechanic if he could take the lock off and he said yes but it would take an hour or so and he'd have to charge me for the labor. I know I had the key lock in the glove box!! I remember putting it there. My mind is blown! This sucker grew legs and walked!!
Any chance I can take the lock off by hand? Thanks
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Just in case someone else comes across this I got mine off easily with GEARWRENCH -21mm Bolt Biter the minus 21mm not the regular 21mm. Used a punch to pop the wheel locks out from behind after spinning them off (stuck in the bolt extractor socket). The lug nut extractor sockets available at auto parts stores all failed me despite some others having success.
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