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What's on your wish list for the next generation cube?

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While we await the next generation 2009 Nissan Cube, what are some of the things that you would like to see in the next generation design.
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Here's my list:
  • Manual transmission option
  • Diesel engine option
  • Large, panorama-style roof
  • Sound system with nice sound and iPod integration
  • Decent feeling steering wheel and other touch-points (shifter,radio controls,climate control knobs, etc)
  • Keeping things simple and practical (ie: crank windows) Don't over-complicate things!

Yeah, I'm all over the board, but hey, I'm brainstorming.... ;D
Big must for me is a solid feel and ride. It's gotta have solid feeling parts (doors, handles, etc.), not flimsy and cheap feeling. I mean it's not going to be a high end vehicle, but I hope it doesn't have a cheap feel to it.

Oh, over 40mpg would be a BIG plus!
I'm hoping that they keep it as close to Japanese spec as possible (like it is now) except a 1.5 or 1.8 liter engine would be better for the States. Actually, a 1.5 would be fine if they would put in a 6 speed transmission like the one in the Versa.
Using 6th gear with autopilot (cruise control) on the freeway should be good for as much as 45 miles per gallon, possibly.
You know these Foreign cars.............nice wheels and a fart entertainment !! Oops, i mean cheap transportation. ;D
The Sheehy dealer in our area no longer deals with Manual Transmissions for the Versa. He said something about the demand not bieng high enough. I'm not sure if this is just Sheehy's or Nissan in general. I imagine its just Sheehy. At any rate the MT is a definate must for me. I'd rather be castrated rather than drive an automatic.
dhoosee said:
  • Sound system with nice sound and iPod integration
such option was introduced for Nissan Cube "Music room special edition" at Tokyo motor show...
Nissan needs to focus on the potential business market, and not just consumers. Towards that end:
1. "Hard points" on the side walls in the back to anchor racks to.
2. "Power ports" (cigarette lighter sockets) in the back seat and in the back.
I would like LCD rear light and xeon lights along with optional AwD.
Well it should be equiped with that e4WD function, which I think is to keep the fuel efficiency in check for the most part. It may not be the same as AWD but I have heard its "good enough".
I hope your right about the e4wd doing the job. My other consideration would be the Impreza with true 4wd. but I'm
waiting to see what the specs and the interior/exterior of the CUBE. When I was in Japan, I didn't have time to drive
one but the bench seats weren't the most comfortable and positioning the seat had limitation as far as getting a perspective of the road. Hopefully the new model with have more comfort and better ergonomics.

Was anyone able to find a clear photo of what this car looks like inside and out?

This video from another section of the forum is pretty good

there may be some more in that category of the forum.

Welcome to the site!
Thank you for welcoming me to this website.
The video looks pretty cool. I actually have a JDM booklet of the Cube
and feel this will be one of the most sought out cars since the New Bettle and Mini.
I will try to seek out new info on some of the Japanese car sites and keep the blog folks
ebm14 said:
I actually have a JDM booklet of the Cube
and feel this will be one of the most sought out cars since the New Bettle and Mini.
I think you may be right about that. I felt the same way now about the Cube as I did when I first found out about the newer Minis. I didn't feel the same way about the Beatles however.
It might not be a bad idea to perhaps but down a down payment
a few months ahead of launch because they will go really fast.
The Cube, 350z and GT will keep Nissan dealers really happy. 8)
They better not screw it up like Scion did the xB and increase the engine too much and cut off the height!

Above 1.8L would be too much.
I'm hoping they flip the side of the asymmetric door and window to match the needs of left hand drive versions.
here's my list and hola to everyone!!

first and foremost: affordable, lightweight, excellent, excellent MPG and takes cheapest 87 octane gas NOT 91 only like FJ Cruiser, and MY ALL-IMPORTANT (if I can have only one option in the world) panoramic openable powered moon/sunroof, so panoramic that you can take advantage at extremes front AND BACK BENCH seats but still solid feeling: in both construction and driving/handling

keep it JDM-ish

only thing powered is my all-important moonroof above, otherwise, keep it manual window crank, manual doorlock, etc, etc (to keep that price and weight down low and MPG HIGH!!!)

BENCH seats front, back, and middle if cube^3 (AND ALL FOLD AS FLAT AS POSSIBLE TO MAKE ONE MASSIVE CONNECTED BED to take advantage of that moonroof, hint, hint, hehe...cigarette lighter sockets galore front AND BACK...decent multimedia entertainment options) but with manual (SIX-speed for MPG maybe CVT option) transmission shifter on floor (yeah i recall pictures of old American trucks with bench but stick on the floor, baby!!)

hinged at top so open up to above your head hatch or maybe clamshell a la Honda Element, NOT, NOT (from what I hear is gonna be) side-swinging hatch door

NO cracking windshield like 1st gen xB, storage galore

AWD option

sliding rear doors a la Mazda 5/Scion t2B CONCEPT, RIGHT side (great for parked at the beach partying!!!!! but still giving us affordability somehow...and maybe SLIDING forward FRONT doors...this is what I'm talking about people (u thought it wouldn't be cool aight??!!):
<---this is MINI Crossover AWD Concept.......
) or suicide rear doors (the cool factor but latter not as practical IMO)

xtra cab truck/open-deck styling option, and if so, maybe the second, only powered item: the slide down window behind your head to open toward the deck (yeah!!...or maybe not powered SIDE-sliding)...and maybe trunk/icebox in the deck a la Honda Ridgeline

maybe paneled option a la HHR but sliding doors and big flat area behind only front bench seat
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No offense, but I don't know about window cranks. The design and function might be simple, but for those who pay at the toll it is kind of hard to hold change and crank at the same time. But I do agree it should be somewhat simple. which for the most part designers will have obeyed.
-LCD tail lamps
-ambient interior lighting
-traction control/VSR/limited slip
-panoramic sunroof
-bucket or bench seat option, but I believe that they will have the A/T on the floor, so I am not sure how that will work this time around
-many safety features and rigid frame.
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