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What kind of deal did you make? What's your monthly payment?

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Are there any lease deals with these?
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I got mine for invoice......not sure of the exact payment yet. $375 ish?
cash for clunkers 3500 got a base model i wanted teh 6 speed :yes: 260 a month
I got $900 off sticker(around $19,000) and traded in a Kia Spectra5 with 76,000 miles(gave me $6,000) then paid the rest in no payment...of course I did not tell them I was going to pay it off till the very end...LOL
jasonbillups said:
I got $900 off sticker(around $19,000) and traded in a Kia Spectra5 with 76,000 miles(gave me $6,000) then paid the rest in no payment...of course I did not tell them I was going to pay it off till the very end...LOL
i'm glad i had told them up front that i was going to pay cash. otherwise i would have been charged an extra filing fee, lol :p only about $20, but still.

i can't remember the exact price, but before tax i paid $200 under MSRP. not a stellar deal, but worth it for a custom order i'd say.
got mine for 14,200 with only the interior package added. 15,005 out the door.

60 month, $285 per month at 5%
Still deciding, but getting it for $240 a month for 72months at 5.14% when I fall on the buying side of the fence.
$13998 before I added colored interior lights & rear spoiler. Scarlet Red base model. Put 2 more speakers in the rear doors ( only comes with 2 in the front ) last night. Sweet!
18,219 for a 2010 SL with Preferred, Designer, and Kickplates.

Ended up with a payment of $335/month for 72 mos after tax and a 7year/100k mi security plus.
Got my S at $16,490. $300 were taken off, it had some miles on it. I believe the Car Gods were smiling down on me. Here is my story shortened up for ya.( As much as I could) ;D

I saw the Cube revealed at the LA auto show. Fell in love. Waited...waited. Months later, I went to a dealer, had a test drive the day they were first shipped to dealers. I heard of a Texas program that gave you a voucher for trading in your clunker, I applied, my Jimmy was worth $3,500. I was going to go seal the deal, when I heard of the Cash 4 clunkers program. So a light bulb went off, and I decided to wait. I waited for the program to kick in, was told it would be effective on July 23 or 24. My Texas voucher would expire on the 24th! That dealer (salesman) turned out to be a dud ( South Point Nissan) :sick:, so I went on the 24th of July to another dealer, talked, and drove off in my silver cube. It made a great present as my birthday was the next day, July 25th.

Now I think because I was a good person for waiting, the Car Gods decided to smile and shine down on me. I ended up combining both vouchers scraping off $7,500 on top of the $300 off for having a number of miles. Happy Birthday to me! I was a first time buyer, at 21, and got my car $192 a month with 6.9% int. for 63 months.
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Got my 2009 1.8s with CVT transmission + splash guards, interior design package for $15,500 otd. Paid in cash. No payments for me. Sticker price for this car was close to 17k.
Well it looks like everyone got better deals than I did :( but thats ok, I paid cash upfront for mine. After taxes and everything It came out to a lil over 17k. Automatic basic car package, had I been ok for Standard it would of been way cheaper.
19k. 2009 SL with preferred package and interior design package. GAP insurance, taxes, registration and 72 mo. bumper to bumper ($50 deductible) all in.
KandA said:
GAP insurance
What did you pay for this? I've never had it before & was surprised that it cost me $600. Is that normal?
I paid about $650 for it... I never buy a new car without it. It's definitely worth it... I know several people who didn't have it when their car got wrecked... their insurance only paid out what the car was worth, which was several 1000's less than they owed... now they are still making payments on a car they don't have anymore.
GAP is a life saver. My ex wife totalled our car one time and we didnt have GAP and we owed almost $1200 more than we squeezed out of the other drivers ins. company. We had to drain our savings and checking acct to make the balance $0. The bank wouldn't give us a loan for a new car and add this to it(like a trade-in does). It was horrible. After that is when I learned about GAP and get it EVERY time. I noticed Nissan was a bit higher on GAP than others I've bought but when you trade in a 08 Ford that you're upside down on for a 09 Nissan it seems dumb to me NOT to get the GAP. $600 over 72 months is pennies a day verses the $5000 I carried over on the Cube. No regrets thus far though. Hopes it stays that way. $342.00 for 72 or $356.25 for 72 months with GAP and extended warranty. I took the safety nets. My GMC 06/08 junk, F150 11/08 acted funny alot, Cube 01/10 LOVE IT!
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I got mine for $400 under invoice back in July 2009. I paid cash for this based model with basic interior package.
This is a 1 only car deal so didn't get to choose colors or anything. Works for me because I just want an economy/reliable car at the lowest price.
Looked at the sentra, versa, corolla, 3, and civic. The cube remained on the top of my list when value, features, space are taken into account.

I purchased a 2010 Cube S with CVT and a few options (illuminated kick panel, splash guards, interior 20 color accent lighting, and storage compartment for about $17k out the door with TT&L)

Payments are up to the buyer. (depends on credit score, interest rate, and amount financed etc.)
Just bought a 2010 Steel Gray SL for 16,915 out the door. The only options I selected were interior design, mud flaps and the interior illumination package. I pick it up friday.
got a base model pearl white with carpet mats, aftermarket front grille window deflectors and rear spoiler for 13.2k, the sticker was 17.7 gotta love cash for clunkers, my payments are 240 a month at 2.25%
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