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What are your thoughts on the Cube?

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People in Japan and other parts of Asia and Europe have already been lucky enough to own the Cube for years now, what do you like and dislike about the Nissan Cube?

For the rest of us in North America who are awaiting the Cube's arrival, what are some of your thoughts from what you've seen so far?
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Thanks Cubic for starting the forum, it looks great.

I have to agree with you, I'd like to hear what some Cube owners have to say about it.

As for me, I LOVE the boxy look!!! It's boxy but isn't too flashy like the xb. The wrap around rear window and side swinging rear door adds a different touch. Just hope that they update the interior for the U.S. release.
Hi revan!

Glad to have you on board! Yeah, I'm hoping that some Cube owners are able to find this site and share their thoughts and experiences on their Cubes. I'm surprised that you found this site already. I just finished it and put it online last week. How did you find it?
I found the site by googling. Not sure waht I typed in exactly. A few pages in, perhaps, since the Google searches are dominated by auto blogs.
Love the exterior, but as Revan stated, I hope that they update the interior for the U.S. too; the current one looks a little generic and uninspired.

Finally, I hope they don't bump up engine displacement & ruin fuel economy! I'd love to have a vehicle that can get 40-50mpg. I don't need a car that can go 0-60 in 5 seconds.

Come on EuroCube and JapaCube owners...tell us about your cars!!!!!!
I live in Canada, but I go to Japan often and until you've really had the chance to see one in real life, you will notice how small this car really is. Its very cute and all asian chicks will dig you, but at the same time, I had the aweful jittery feeling that the cube might simply roll into the ditch when a MAC truck passes you on the highway, especially in North America.

Get into one... the cubeness makes it seem spacious headwise, but for leg room, if you are 5'2-5'7, you would definately feel cozy in the car. I tried the Cube3, the one with 3 rows of seats and to be honest im 5'6 and I didnt fit. (maybe got to loose that gut). If you do have the chance, do check out the sofa seats. They are awesome.

Nevertheless, if it comes to Canada, I will definately buy one cause they are great for city driving. I've always wanted a small cubic shaped car so I can fit tall furniture.
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Welcome moopy!

Thanks for sharing your own first hand experience of the Cube. I'm looking forward to when Nissan announces the next generation Cube, that will be the determining factor if the Cube is to be a big hit (or not) in North America.

From what you're saying, it looks like there's a big chance of an increase in interior space for N.A. folks. I'm 5'-7 so if they don't change the interior space, it would be comfy enough for me. Hehe.
I'm really geared up to see the Cube in person. I want to see how well the interior is, the craftsmanship of the interior components. I also want to see the size of it in person, pictures never do justice when actually looking at a car in person. I also want to feel the driving dynamics of the car, the interior insulation and how comfortable the seats are.
Hi Boxster, here are my answers to your questions from owning a cube and using it every day :)

I want to see how well the interior is, the craftsmanship of the interior components. - It's a little creaky and cheap feeling but well equiped, quirky and comfortable, ie. doesn't feel as solid as a VW or BMW

I also want to see the size of it in person
- It's smaller in person than it appears in photos, but you quickly forget. I've found that most people who don't like the cube in photos, actually like it in real life. (although because mine is a "Rider" edition it is a lot more better looking than most) - IMO :p

I also want to feel the driving dynamics of the car - It feels like you're going faster than you are lol, it doesn't like sharp bends but hey this is not supposed to be a fast car. It's great for town driving, stop and start, parking, tight-spots etc. The turning circle is very impressive (this is not something I would normally even notice about a car).

the interior insulation and how comfortable the seats are - The seats are pretty comfortable, not really shaped like most cars but I've done a few 5 hours trips in it with no problems :)

FYI As a point of reference, my previous cars have been 1) Ford Puma 2) VW Passat (running 200bhp) 3) Honda Civic 1.3 (eg shape)
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Have you driven a Nissan Versa? If so how does it compare?
I love my CUBE....will get the new one as well. CUBE is one of those special cars which comes once in awhile.

My gawd! I have a sociopathic hatred of most Hondas, but I almost bought an Element. That vehicle that replaces the Element is going to piss off existing Element owners as much as the new xB pissed off the first generation xB owners. I guess the Cube just picked up a new potential demographic: Element owners.
I believe it will be the Honda Crossroad that will replace the ugly Element.
I have a black CUBE SL and enjoy it. Reviewers seem to review based on what they would like, not what it si. WHenever I am out in it I get questions/looks/and people take pictures of it.

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