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boxcarwillie said:
I have ran my cube through a automatic car wash a couple times now and have noticed that quite a bit of water comes in through the back door area. Is anybody else having this problem?
I don't trust automatic car washes after one car of mine had a line of dings across the whole hood an inch apart probably from a sharp object embedded in those huge mop thingys!
They said it was not the car washes fault!
Also take note that is a lot of pressure used there on the rinse cycle and at odd angles to that of natural rainfall and I'm afraid our CUBE is no Uboat/submarine.
Under normal rainy/windy circumstances it should not leak.
I finally washed mine last week and have a semi pressurized hose rinse attachment and paid particular attention to the back door while so doing.
There was no evidence of leaks on any of the doors found.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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