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Hello, first post here, and likely this will be my only thread. My GF owns a 2011 Cube, purchased new. Unfortunately she has had some major medical issues that have caused her to become legally blind, so she no longer drives. I'm paraplegic, and while I was recently driving it as a temporary measure due to an accident w/ my usual adapted minivan, it really doesn't work as a mobility vehicle...

Mechanically it is in great shape, she had it maintained regularly at a local shop. The last time it was in, the mechanic suggested it needed front brakes soon, but not urgently.

Cosmetically I'd put it as fair to good - There are a couple of large dents in the roof brow and hood and a mis-matched passenger side mirror due to a tree falling on it, but other than needing to replace the mirror it wasn't bad enough to need repairs (we think of it as an extra 'personality bonus') There is some staining on the front passenger seat and one corner of the rear passenger seat, and some scuffs and dings on the plastic bits.

Some outside photos, I haven't gotten any of the inside yet...

I believe it was the "Krom" edition, and the car still has most of the extra stuff that came with it except for some of the floor mats. I also have all the manuals and a CarFax report on it.

The registration and sticker are expired and I have cancelled the insurance on it so test drives are not on unless you have a dealer plate...

Questions, etc. reply here or private message if this board does those...
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