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Wald version Cube

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Wald version Cube out of Japan.

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It's sort of 80's retro.. thats cool right now. I know my friends would like this. I would probably change the grill and rims though.
i'm feelin it. dunno if i like the parcel shelf roof spoiler. it needs to get lowered. those wheels look like lorinsers. lol! definitely not your ordinary cube!
Great pics...Thx.

Sara said:
Don't know if I like that spoiler.....
That's what I thought. Just a touch too big.
damm thats sick man. what does Wald stand for?
I like the side marker, front valance & tails. But you can keep the rest and I will keep my cube overall.
dunno if anyone confused this for a customized current cube or not, but this is the previous generation cube at best. again, not tryin to wreck anyones spirits, just noticed that nobody said what gen cube it was. thanks for listenin.
meisrandy said:
damm thats sick man. what does Wald stand for?
Japanese Company that makes VIP kits and wheels.
I like it minus the wing.. ;)
its got a ton of fender gap! :eek:
Remove the wing and I would rock it. I honestly love the last gen's front end and wish we could bolt it onto our cars.
the side body molding really make the Cube pretty ugly IMO. If that was on the 3rd Generation Cube's, I would not have bought one. Its a total deal breaker for me. It just makes the car look cheap.
yes they can throw it in a trash compactor

it looks like a PDA from the mid 1990s and I can't hear myself think over how loud the interior is screaming "I AM A RENTAL CAR"
wish that was not the Z11 version of our cube... I don't recall via all my research that WALD made one for the Z12
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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