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Please follow these rules/guidelines:

1. Vendors may only promote their products in the Vendor's Forum. Any promotions outside of the Vendor's Forum is regarded as SPAM and will be removed. Vendors are encouraged to use this forum both to advise, promote and also respond to questions posted relating to their products and services.

Vendors may mention their products outside of the vendor area when:

a) They are specifically asked. "Specifically asked" means a member asked a question about your product.
You may respond with technical assistance. DO NOT USE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SELL. A good guideline would be to ask yourself the question "How would you respond if it was a private conversation?".

b) They find a discussion about the price of a product that they happen to carry, but for a lower price, supporting vendors may add to the conversation by saying that they carry the exact same product but for a lower price. This is acceptable because you are furthering the thread's usefulness while remaining within the original topic's intended content (cheapest place to buy a particular part).

2. All buying and selling agreements are NOT to be conducted on Transactions will be conducted from the vendor's website/store. NissanCubeLife is not responsible for any transactions between a member and vendor. If there are any disputes, the member and vendor are responsible for resolving any issues amongst themselves.

3. Vendors should ensure links to their external sites remain valid. Posts with broken links will be removed.

4. Vendors may not use their signature as a method of selling. Use your signature to list your affiliations, but no selling terms are allowed in your signature.

All live signature links must be reciprocated! Any commercial link in your signature must include a reciprocal link to from your site. This is to help prevent spammers from posting in order to get more backlinks.

5. Vendors may not bash competitors. Vendors must not discuss other products with the intent of making theirs look better. STAY OBJECTIVE!

Registered vendors may still receive infractions for not following the rules. There is no special treatment or consideration because you are a sponsor.

Vendor Suggestions

Be a contributing forum member - help answer member questions without mentioning your products.
Do not mention your product anywhere outside of the Vendor's Forum.
Do not discuss other vendors or their products.
Do not get into arguments or "flame wars" with other members - always "play nice" with the other members.

If you try to follow all of these suggestions and abide by the rules, we can develop a working, win-win, sustainable relationship that can be an asset to both you and the community.

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Thanks Am for clarifying to the entrepreneurs out there. :yes:
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