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US Cube prices?? What do you think the Cube will cost in the states??

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I believe that the Cube will be competing with the new Scion xb which I think will come in at around $16,000 US. I hope the Cube is better than the xb. I saw the xb a few weeks ago and it looks really ugly and the inside is really cheap. I currently own a 1988 Honda Civic hatchback and I have not done any engine or transmission repairs to date. I want to replace my old civic with something that gets half descent mileage but a bit bigger and the Cube looks like a good choice.
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I think that you're right on the mark, Revan. $16,000 would be a great price point for this car. The only thing that worries me is the Nissan part. To me, they're somewhat low-rent and in general, tend to use cheaper materials than their Japanese counterparts. My wife has an Infiniti I30 (2001) that has 80,000 easy miles, and is starting to rust. She and I care for the car well (garage kept, washed frequently, regular service intervals, etc...) but it's not withstanding the test of time. But, for me, cars are emotional...and who knows....I may fall for the Cube and take my chances!

Yes, the new xB sucks! It's bigger, bloated, more plasticky, and un-hip. Crappier fuel economy too. I recently drove a used xB with a 5-speed manual, and it was pretty entertaining! The only thing missing was side impact airbags, which is somewhat of a deal-breaker for me. I still might consider one, though.

Toyota has definitely ruined the xB. In fact, they seem to be out to scuttle all of their models (xD is uglier & bigger than the xA, and who knows WHAT they'll do to the tC). If they produce anything close to their Hako concept (, they're screwed.

Have you checked out the Toyota iQ forum that Amnesiac has set up? Check it out: This is the car that Toyota should bring over as a Scion to fight the Smart. I'd consider the iQ in a minute.
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I've read buzz about Nissan-Renault trying to develop a car for under $3,000. Whereas the Cube3 looks to be a much nicer product it would be cool to see if they could try to push it closer to $10,000. My FiT cost me $17,000 (after all expenses were added) and I would like to see it cheaper than that. 8)
An article I just read (Tokyo Test Drive) stated that the estimated price is $16,500 for a 2008 Cube3; Inline-4, 1.5L, 16v
Hey, I have a Fit too! Great car, you can literally "fit" ANYTHING in it. I've crammed things in there that I never thought I could.
Here is an article refferencing the afforementioned $3,000 car

unfortunatly theres been little to no word this past year about it.
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