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Upgraded Engine Option?

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The only thing that leaves the CUBE just short of insane perfection is the single choice of powerplant. Does anyone think that Daddy-Nissan will offer a more powerful option for the second (2010) model year?
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I'm hoping not. I think the xB went down the wrong path doing that and I hope Nissan doesn't follow suit. It people want a larger engine, they have enough to choose from on the part of engine swapping anyway.
Don't expect a new engine at least until the next refresh (5 years or so). Well, hopefully by then we will have the Danki so this question would be moot. Nissan does not offer engine choices in any of their models (except Titan and Altima i believe) and I don't believe Cube will be an exception. The 1.8L should be powerful enough to zip you through town yet get decent milage. I would hate to see them go the xB route and say drop the Rogue/Altima 2.5L, 170hp unit in there.

Side note: Cubes MPG is only +1mpg to Altima 2.5 and Rogue with an engine .7L smaller and 50hp less output. Whats the deal?
I doubt they will they are intending this vehicle to be an introductory vehicle starting at $13000 change. If they put a larger motor in it its going to be hard to be competative.
In reviewing the history of the car it started with a 1.3L then progressed to a 1.5L and eventually the 1.8L. I can't imagine it being offered with an optional engine.
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