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twins possibly...

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I was at work and drove my blue cube to work. My husband went out with the kids and when I called him to tell him I was going home he asked if I had my car keys.. of course I did, and then he asked if someone else drove my car... Heck NO! So then he said he saw a blue cube in town. Okay some background where we live, not much in the population department, very few people so a bit odd, especially since I drove 4 hours just to get a blue cube in the first place.

Cute little story, they are spreading around up here.
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Ok. So this morning I got into work and was asked if I was in this other town, I replied and said no, and someone saw my car out there... then a little while later someone else said they saw my car out there and asked if I lived out there, I said no. I have a twin cube out here but I have not seen it.
Mine was the first one at the dealership and the principal demo but sat for 6 weeks before I bought it. On the way home, I passed an identical color (scarlet red) within 3 miles of leaving the dealership! This in a town of about 25,000. ???
I still haven't seen another cube around on the road. I drove to New hampshire to pick up a blue one, 4 hours away. So it is a little odd but great to gear for me at least.
I got told on saturday that on friday I was at a Mcdonald's having dinner... um nope. So he tells me that my car or what looked like my car was there. Well it wasn't my car.

Then on sunday I went out saw the car at a gas station filling up! I beeped my horn and waved. I am pretty happy I finally saw my twin. Well not exactly, her's had the aero package, but it was blue.
Did you talk to them? We're they nice about it?
I did not :( I needed to go quick to the store before my daughter came back and no one was home.
We live in a very small town with a population under 3k, we are close to a couple larger towns with much larger populations. I drove 600+ miles to get my cube. Last weekend we were driving through one of the larger towns and we saw a twin to my cube, wouldn't you know it. That is the only other cube we've seen so far anywhere nearby. - Dan
i saw another brand new cube when i was sitting at the gas station waiting for my clunker to start so i could go get my :-[
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