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trying to get my cube, have a financing question.

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(sorry if im posting this in the wrong place)

hey ncl

i hope to get my cube within 24 hours but have 1 question regarding financing.

i have a "clunker" available for trade in but it is under my sisters name. the dealership stated that the cars program required the new car to be purchased under the name of the owner of the clunker... which is understandable. however, can i apply for financing under my name or does buying a car and financing go hand in hand?

im so excited :yes: :)
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Here in Texas you can have a title transferred as a gift, pay a minimal fee (like $20), and not pay tax on the value. New titles arrive pretty quick (couple of weeks instead of months like in the past); however, the official title transfer paperwork may be good enough for the dealership to complete the deal and you bring the official title in later. Probably about the same time your license plates come in too! LOL

Just a thought.
You have to have owned the car for a year before trading it in... so yes, it has to have been in your name the whole time.

This prevents freeloaders from stealing hard working American's income (well, less of it anyway).
none said:
You have to have owned the car for a year before trading it in...

I forgot about that. I also heard on this mornings news that it also has to have had insurance on it too. Besides being an incentive for the auto industry, another purpose of this program is to get gas guzzlers off the street; not clear out back yards or in some southern states front yards. :D
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