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trunk space?

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i've been waiting for the cube to come to the states forever! (ie 4 +years). its not as square as i hoped but realize part of its melted shape is for the safety features while keeping its small urban size.

i cried when the new xb came out- i was hoping it would just get side airbags and remain the same small size. not the bloated pt cruiser it morphed into.

trunk space- anyone of you lucky folks who got to see the cube in person know if the trunk space can be increased by dropping the front passenger seat (forward or backward) to maximize the space when needed? i'm thinking for home depot/ikea runs.

considered the honda element- love the versatility but just too big. now if they had a mini element- *perfection*

am i imagining or does the 2009 trunk space look smaller than the 2007 and earlier models?- at least from the photos.

i'm obsessing over how versatile the cube can be without ever having seen it in person. nissan dealers in los angeles do not have it in yet. after waiting so long- i hope i'm not disappointed.

also, whats with the limited colors... no happy bright ones.
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These images seem to show the adjustability. From my understanding there are 3 front / back settings on the back bench?

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thanks for the nice photos

but was wondering about the front passenger seat- if it can flop foward or flop back to make a platform for long items- ie lumber, ikea....

its close, but i dont think it folds completely flat like a Honda Fit

and the 11.3 cubic ft number, i hope that they count that as with the back seat set all the way back (max legroom, min cargo room mode)
There doesn't appear to be a great deal of space behind the seats but it should be big enough to throw your groceries back there.
There is a decent pic of the trunk organizer included in the Cube screen saver program. Looks like plenty of space back there.
That trunk organizer makes a great flat floor!
What country is this available, and is it available in the states? I hear that Canada gets different accessories compared to the US.
Eager to know!
As you may guess by my monniker I'm a tuba player! :)
at the risk of sounding like a dork; I like the cieling! 8)
I like that ripple ceiling too - my wife is polishing her velcro darts! Bullseye! :-\
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