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Are Tomica die casts available in the USA? Like at Walmart or Target?
Tomica die-casts aren't sold in America. The best you could hope for is a person shipping it from Asia. E-bay anyone??
Thank you for this i will have to go on Ebay to get one.Here in Auckland there are no many Cubes and i always have someone waiting at my car when i return form shopping - was very unerving at first.I love my CUBE :)

won it for a penny off of ebay :D
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WOW! :eek:

That is pretty cool! I've thought about bidding on them, just haven't seen the green one yet, which is what I would bid on.

I wonder if they or Matchbox/Hot Wheels will come out with their version of the US Cube?
Here is the website link for Tomica for a die cast metal #017 of the 2010 Nissan Cube I found for those that may be interested. It comes in blue and is the Japanese version of the Cube. I will see if there is an American version die cast metal model available and will post the Website link for it when I find it.
That's soooo cute! I want one, too.
Here is a website that has info and some pics on the Die Cast metal model of the Cube.

You will need to scroll down a little way to find the pics on the models.

It seems that there are other colors of the Cube.

I need to check and see if there is another source to find the Cube die cast metal model in different colors.

here is the website address:

Check out the website and see if you like the site.

You can register on this website for free. When you first get to the website, you initially are a guest. It is a website for die cast metal model collectors.

Hope this helps.
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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