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Tomica die-cast verifies new Nissan Cube styling

Posted Nov 1st 2008 10:37AM by Alex Nunez
Filed under: LA Auto Show, Economy, Wagons/Estates, Hatchbacks, Nissan, Toys

Click above for a gallery of Tomica's new Nissan Cube die-cast

Thanks to alert reader Galvin, we can verify that the 2009 Nissan Cube images we published back in September and (rolls eyes) were subsequently ordered to pull down are indeed accurate. The source? eBay -- in auctions for Tomica's new Matchbox-sized die-cast of the car. As you can see here, the toy shows off the restyled front and rear ends, as well as the roof details of cars equipped with panoramic glass (as seen on the early leaked image of the JDM car). Now, Tomica's a Japanese toy company, so the die-cast shows the JDM config. That asymmetric bodywork is reversed on the USDM car. Oh, and while we were forced to remove the shots we originally posted of the new Cube, you can still check them out at any of the dozens of sites that scrape Autoblog's web feed and repost it verbatim, photos included. Have a look and compare them to the toy gallery below. That's what's heading to L.A. later this month.

Gallery: 2010 Nissan Cube Die-Cast

[Source: eBay]

the front fascia is appalling to say the least imo.
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