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1. There is a nice rectangular hole in the top of the glove box - perfect location for a light. Have any of you put a light there? If so, what light, switch, wiring, etc? I was thinking of LED.

2. I want to add some more 12v outlets. Radio Shack has a nice one that will mount flush, and it has a rubber cover over the hole. I've used them in other cars. I run power from individual fuses on a separate panel with six fuses. If any of you have added outlets, I'm wondering where you put them.

3. Is there an easy location to tap into power that is live when the ign switch is in the ACC position? How about a tap for the RUN position? I already have a breaker panel wired directly to the battery, but I don't want to have everything live all the time.

Speaking of glove compartments, the Cube has one of the nicest I've seen. It has three separate sections, so it's easier to store things and get them out. If only it had a light.
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