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Those with LED dome and map lights

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I have replaced my Dome, Map and cargo lights with LED replacements.

For anyone else who has installed LED's before; did you notice that at night, the LED's were still just barely lit despite not being turned on?

If I turn them off by the hard switch on the map lights and dome light, they do turn off completely. However, any other time when they should be off, they are still barely lit. It is fairly obvious at night.

They do this even when the car is turned all the way off and the key removed for a while.

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Maybe it is just stray voltage in the circuit. I don't know for sure though.
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Oh yeah, this has been discussed in great detail with an LED expert and was left scratching his head :D

I have house LED light bulbs you can remove from the fixture and lay one on a table for hours and they glow with zero power available.

Some of what you are experiencing is bleed across the switch, being you can kill it. The ones in my cube go dead right away but not every car is the same.

My home bulbs will glow 10 hours straight.
TrevorS said:
No offense intended, but LED's will not glow if no voltage is applied (they are semiconductor devices and if no power is expended, then no power will be released). Any explanation for what you are seeing?

PS. Such "glow" behavior is suggestive of the chemical "glow" of some remote control "buttons" that maintain declining light output after the light "source" is extinguished. LEDs themselves do not do this.
Hey see that link above and search for the pic's I took over 8 hours after the bulb was removed from the fixture and layed on the table OVERNIGHT. :eek:
Yup iyt in interesting, these bulbs have never given me a bit of trouble either, and at 1.5 watts its easy on the electric bill too.

The issue in the car has been found to be leakage and not the same issue here.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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