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800 Watts of Cube shaking boom that is... :D

I finally got my 800W Kenwood amp and 800WRMS Audiobahn aluminum subwolfer installed. It sounds sweet indeed!!

After running 4 guage to the battery through the firewall, the hardest part was finding a place to tap into the stock subwolfers signal wires. I ended up tapping the red and brown wires right off the connector that leads into the stock wolfer in the back fridge door. I ran 4 conducter trailer wire back there for signal and also tapped the wolfer's yellow power on wire to automatically turn on the amp. I then removed the rear seat and mounted the amp upside down to the underside of the cushion with zip ties. (it has a fan so it won't overheat)

The speaker sits in the back of the car secured by a bungee cord. The box is slot loaded so you can't see the actual speaker, as it fires toward the floor.


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