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Tanabe looking for a Cube

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It looks like Tanabe USA is looking for a Nissan Cube for "exhaust/chassis" research and development. Just thought I'd pass this along to anyone that happens to be within driving distance of Torrance, CA.
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jumped on it, goin in on oct 26th...FTW!!!!!!!

gettin front underbrace and either medallion touring OR concept G
haha seriously, having a 4+month old car to america definately has its advantages
yea, they said the only need one but they have a waiting list sort of thing be it that i cant make it or they need another vehicle

being 17 I'm so thankful for this opportunity, there was no way i was gonna be able to afford these kinda parts soon, let alone after having the car for a little after 2 months(estimating time till r&d)

i have an extremely wind-ey canyon run about 3 minutes from my house, i plan on doing a before and after run with plent of critique and pictures!
haha yea ill keep it within reason, i learned stick runnin my friends integra through the canyons
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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