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I read some threads which were old enough to make me ask this question FRESH.

Okay, I was in San Francisco and learned I never should have brought a car. Within 30 minutes the car was broken into. And it wasn't me in a bad 'hood doing something stupid. San Francisco's #1 crime is vehicles being broken into. They had 36,000 in 2018. Next to nobody gets arrested.

Anyhow -- it wasn't my Cube. Buick Encore. I had a murse (male purse) tucked away but someone took it anyhow. Lost our second Cube fob. It's so that at anytime I could get into my wife's car.

I do not want to spend some fortune at the dealer just to have a backup fob. I'm seeing Amazon GIVING AWAY universal fobs. I don't need a FOB with an actual key for backup, so that should work.

My problem is this. My Drivers license was stolen as well. If someone were particularly nasty in San Fran they'd sell my Cube FOB and address. Mail the FOB to someone. They can steal my Cube if they wait long enough.

So the problem is I need to reprogram my wife's FOB and my new universal FOB to be the only working fobs. Is this making sense?

Do I follow those online instructions for resetting her fob? Or will it simply reset it to the same code, not solving my other problem?


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