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Stereo Install so far

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all black suede to match the box and seats...

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Got everything hooked up...OMG...about 2 min after it was hooked up the rearview mirror came off!!! and took off a picture in the house!! I will get video and a SPL reading..
wow! that's pretty freakin amazing! wish we could hear it! nice job on the install man! super cleeean!
more updates

FOCAL tweet pods

An additional 12v Aux

Door speaker replacement

Factory speaker


Batcap 2000 under the driver seat-cant be seen

amp for front doors, line driver and dis block on top of the jack:) got to love the ARC mini amp...250 RMS watts to the front speakers :)
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wow nice man! how much do you think it would be to wrap the headliner in that black suede?
I like the extra 12V power - I was also thinking about putting a small LED switch there and hooking my garage door opener into it... but an extra 12V would be great. Where I should look to put one though would be on the back of the center console (maybe a double) so the kiddos will have the power they need.

System is looking HAWT!!!
Thanks....This is a constant too...I wanted a constant 12V so I can charge my cell phone with the motor off
1HoTCuBe said:
wow nice man! how much do you think it would be to wrap the headliner in that black suede?
I would not try it...suede is ruff to work with
I'm going to move to the FOCAL 3 ways anyone interested in a set of used FOCAL KRX2..shown above :)
That look sreally good.. ;)
I'm sure they're out of my league :yes:... but since you brought it up. What would you have to get for those used Focal comps.? Would my Audison SRx3 amp feeding them less than 100w per side even do them any justice??
Pm sent but that amp will do 110x2 at 2 ohm stereo...
Nice job, pretty neat minus the tweeter location
The tweets are being taken care of as we speak...going with the 3 ways and molding the 3" and tweet in the pillars :) I will post pictures
Courteau said:
Nice job, pretty neat minus the tweeter location

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I wished I had the skills to do all of that work... Did you do this whole build yourself? Great setup btw.. and I think I'll put my small amp inside the jack area as well..
Wow Jason A Pillars look great!!
Can't wait till the weather warms up so a I can started on deadening my doors and installing my fron stage.

Think I'm going to do the HAT Imagines. I hear they're a great set run passive and the price is great too; at less than $300
Thanks guys...I did everything myself but the forming of the A of my good friends did that for me. I then finished them and covered them
i like the suede on the a pillars, reminds me of a late 70s van/rv
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