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SSR Wheels giving the Nissan Cube some love

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Check it out:

I know it's an older cube, but it's still dope as hell.

Anyone have anymore pictures of this car? Or any cars running dope SSR wheels?
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tasty tasty! that's some serious $$$ for those! you'll prolly see some on knock-off shortly. i like the more aggressive rake that this cube has. i'm sure it's on coilovers eh?
The knockoffs can copy the style (there already exist SSR Copies), but they cannot copy the strength, lightness or forging technology that SSR has patented.

It is on coilovers, i am 99.99% sure.
You know,

I'm not even sure if that is an older Cube. There is no wrap around window (on the JDM models it is on the left wrap around side) and the rear seems to come out a little bit further. Wonder what it is...

Either way, rock on!! ;D
You know what?

You are correct, it's not a cube, but very cube like. Not a bad way to see what wheels might fit like on the car.

A guy i know just got a white 6mt cube and he got some S-0C coilovers from the Tanabe R&D session. He is thinking of some SSRs for the car.

2 more dope ""cubes""



Funny how a nice, high quality set of wheels can make even just an economy car look so damn good.
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i friggin hate how hard it is to find proper fitting wheels for nissans. wow. these are vary tasty. only avail in 4x100??? wow wow.

at least these are avail in right fitments for around $550 EACH:

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