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speedo conversion

Hello everyone,
This is areally good site, well done whoever has put it together.

I have just arranged the importing of my 2005, 2nd generation cube into the UK and trying to source all the parts and info I need to convert it to. So I suppose im a cube owner but not yet a cube driver.
One of the first things I have to do when it gets here is to convert the speedo fron KPH to MPH. A local auto elecrician says that if I get the parts needed, he can do it for me, however he will need a wiring diagram. I have trawled the net and cannot find one anywhere.
Does anyone have a copy or know know where I can get a copy?
I did wonder if the wiring is basically the same as the Micra / March, but cannot get confirmation.

If anyone can advise me I would really appreciate it. I did realise that having an imported vehicle would not at times be a bit of a pain, I just didnt think it would start this soon!

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