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I went and talked to the dealership again and it looks like this thing is going to start out around 16 G's......thats a little out of my price range really. I was thinking it would be around 10 for a totally stripped down model like the versa is doing. anyone hear anything different?
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There hands are a little tied, due to the falling Dollar/Yen ratio. Check out the thread "Open letter to NissanUSA". And the yen is down again today. When the ratio was 100 Yen to the Dollar, a $14K-ish decently optioned Cube was possible. Now, the Yen is only 88 to the dollar; each time the Yen drops one more, the cost of a Cube has to go up about $170. I am also hoping for a "stripper" Cube, but that stripper Versa doesn't even some with a dome light or air conditioning!
i knew no A/C but no dome light?!? well i would still be happy with no A/C on one, might make it more of a track cube ;)
I wouldn't expect this to be priced any lower than $14k like the first xB. Nissan would make no money on a stripped down version of this in the US.
well they need to rethink some things maybe where they make them. they are messing up making them so expensive, they will end up like the PT cruiser.....
Its competition, namely the xB and Mini, are doing pretty good. This is not a basic econobox, that's what the Versa is for in the US.
well damn.....i think im out, screw you nissan! BRING BACK DATSUN!!!!!!!
I rented a Toyota Yaris this weekend, and now I'm rethinking that I might buy a "stripper" version on a Cube. The Yaris was the worst car I've ever driven, more Yugo than Toyota. And although I haven't looked at the stripper version of the Versa, I'm thinking it is a lot like the Yaris. An extra $2500 in options would be less than $50 a month in payments.
The other Car I have seriously considered is a Scion xD. At $15,970 W/ Auto-A/C-Cruise-P/S,P/B,P/W-MP3 & IPod ready stereo, how far off that price target can Nissan be with this car? I know I'll pay ~ $1,500 for the nicer interior & greater style of the Cube. Also ares all you other potential buyers planning on buying the first no matter what. . . or waiting a month or so to see if Nissan is having an across the lineup discount financing or rebate deal?
The first ones will likely sell for a couple of thousand over list. A month or two later and they will be at list. A month or two after that, and they'll probably be offering discounts. My guess, anyway. Any I'll willing to wait a couple of months to save a couple of thousand. However, I'll be buying through Costco, and they might have a good deal right from the beginning.
unless they do a good military discount I'm out. going with a minivan, lol......really. and I'm single, no kids....I dont know why i want one either, just to haul my BMX bike around really.
:) You guy's Stop!!!!!!! :( This Cube is going to be totally affordable... On my inventory I have them starting at $13990 and going all the way up to $19360 for the Krom...I will have a price range for everyone...Let me know what you guy's want and I can get it for you.
MasterKC said:
However, I'll be buying through Costco, and they might have a good deal right from the beginning.
No Costco pricing on any new Cubes for awhile. New vehicle roll-outs don't qualify. If you can wait, do it. Otherwise, be willing to pay a big premium.
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