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So what aftermarket audio system are you putting/installed on your Cube?

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Let me hear what you have, I have a base model and installed a Kenwood DNX-7120, the Bluetooth module and the HD radio module, a set of Focal's 130 KP components and I'm looking for options to install a subwoofer on the car.

Let me hear what you guys have so far.
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Good choice on the FOCAL's(I'm the rep in my here is a list but see pics and more at this post
(1) FOCAL 165 KRX2
(1) FOCAL 165 CA1
(1) ARC Audio Mini 125.2
(1) ARC Audio KS1000.1
(3) RE SR12D2
(1) Batcap 2000
JVC KW-NX7000 Navigation touch screen with bluetooth and Sirius
Loud but VERY clear!!! I have 125 watts per side on the 165 KRX2 so I can turn the subs off and have as much bass as the factory rockford system
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