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So buying a cube was a breeze...

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We got it for MSRP. Had the extra interior package and the splash guards. Paid exactly what they were listing for online. However, went to another dealer 10 miles up the road and they wanted to charge $1800 more for the same cube b/c of market value - I guess they didn't understand we were in a recession and the market is faltering. So, needless to say we didn't do business with the arrogant salesmen!
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Good for you and congrats! It is kind of hard to barter a really good price for a car that is this new though. The dealership I went to only had 1 cube so I can see that they want sticker price for it. They will have more soon though. I want the Cube S with the cvt and no other options. Have fun!!
I got mine for invoice price. I was a jerk, but got an awesome price & I'm going to refer as many people as I can to my dealership. Really happy!
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