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Many thanks to Autoblog reader Aaron, who appears to have been in the presence of printed materials pertaining to the 2010 Nissan Cube, which is set to be unveiled next month at the LA Auto Show. Aaron captured the moment with his camera phone, and thus, we have what may be the first unofficial official look at the U.S.-market Cube's design. Or it could be something else entirely, but it sure doesn't look that way. Up front, the new headlamps and grille form a thin line above the front bumper, giving the boxy little dude a face we expect to see start talking at any given moment. Follow the jump for more analysis, and check out the scans in the gallery below.

Note also how the lamps wrap around to incorporate the side markers, unlike the current Cube's. Out back, Nissan found a way to retain a low, wide taillamp strip in keeping with the current car's arrangement. The front and rear bumpers are more pronounced here, thanks, in all likelihood, to Uncle Sam's crash safety requirements. We can now confirm, it seems, that the edges have been softened a bit, as hinted by the preview image that snuck out of Japan several months ago. The passenger cabin looks to be pretty basic, focusing on the essentials.

The most important revelation in these photos, however, is that Nissan has indeed preserved the Cube's visual asymmetry. On the driver's side, the thick D-pillar is dressed up with a blackout element to make it look smaller, while on the passenger side, there's a window in the same spot that gives the driver more visibility when he checks over his shoulder. Compare it to the images of the JDM-spec, right-hand-drive Cube we drove this summer, and you'll see that the layout is inverted on the U.S. car.

Bottom line: funkiness retained, and it's sure to be polarizing. We're really looking forward to eyeballing the new Cube in person and seeing how it compares to the outgoing Japanese model we like so much.
Source: <a href="">Autoblog</a>
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