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Scarlet RED or PINK?

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Hi Everyone,
Here is my dilemma, the only scarlet red car in my 4 dealer area is indoors under fluorescent light.
to me it looks pink or fuchsia. I am aware flourescents can trick the eye, however the folks at the dealer didn't fell like moving the car from the showroom into the natural light.
So fellow Knights of the Cube, I forseek thee to find a scarlet red cube in the bright outside light and please tell me RED or PINK says you!
Sir Tubacube awaits.
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Hi Gang, olyumabill here. I hope my first post will not bring the roof down on me but having been a custom car painter for better that 50 yrs and the VERY HAPPY owner of a cube, I have to say that the color red ( this is the one I got ) is a lot more fuchsia than a scarlet red. I have to say I am very happy with the car and the color. It looks really nice in the sunlight. I hope this helps. bill
Great reporting guys! After much soul searching I was just about to get a Scarlet Red, when I saw a Pearl white in bright sunlight - the pearl is like somthing out of a SEMA show - I was captivated by the fine metal flake of pearl opalessence. Oh yes, I forgot to mention it was a Krom edition and the dealer gave me 750.00 off the sticker and gave me a very fair trade-in on my 08 Xb! When I see you folks in Scarlet drive by I'll flash a thumbs up! Many thanks to you all!
Hey tubacube, congrats! And same to you olyumabill! I too thought the pearl white looked fantastic in person, but I have yet to see a red one...or any of the colors aside from white, silver or grey.

hope this works!
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