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Scarlet Cube in Oregon

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I just thought I would stop in and introduce myself. :D

I traded in my 04 Durango HEMI for a Cube SL CVT and couldn't be happier! 8) Had a decent buying experience at Wilsonville Nissan with no pressure and a decent amount for my trade considering its condition.

I am glad this website is here! it looks like there is lots of help to be found if needed... :yes:

I have just over 2000 miles on the ODO and have had so many random people ask about the car. I got both the "was it designed by Dr. Sues?" and "Its the ultimate short bus!" comments... I just figure its a goofy car for a goofy guy! :roll:

My favorite things about the car are the ride which is exceptional for a small car and the CVT transmission. I am a die-hard manual transmission user and I have to tell you, I have never seen a transmission that allows the engine to do what it does in this car. I find it highly entertaining to accelerate without the engine revving. (makes me really want to install a new muffler so I can actually hear the engine!)

Car specs:

-09 Cube SL in Scarlet Red
-light grey interior (ok kinda more tan)
-Preferred Package(love the intelligent key and backup sensors!)
-"Square Pretzel" stock Wheels (me wants 17's)
-Clear bra (dealer installed after my purchase)
-Front window tinting 35%

I will post some good pics once I take some!


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Welcome and Congrats.

I have the identical model/options/color except for the interior color. For some reason, I thought black was the only "choice" with Scarlett red. Please post a pic of the interior if/when you can. Suggestion: frame one shot with the door opened so I can still see some red like the sill plates or door pillars, etc. Thanks!
Cubit said:
Hi fotomoto,

Here is the pic you wanted!
THANKS! Yeah, I've definitely never seen that color combo on the lot here.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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