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Hello All:
New Cube Krom owner (bitter chocolate) in Southern California. Had to choose between the SL Prefered package and the Krom. I already miss my Sirus Radio and am looking for a bracket to mound a hardwired satellite radio that will not ruin the lines of the dash. Any suggestions? I have looked online - not sure if any of the other brackets will fit (ie: Versa). Open for any ideas

Update: Saturday 25 JUL:
After checking with several stereo shops I have found that Panavice will be coming out within the next month with a custom mounting bracket for the Cube for aftermarket mounting of Satellite radio systems/Navigation heads. This will look as seamless as possible for a portable mount, your unit can be hardwired in and then routed through the Aux input. I am willing to wait the time to make it look nice as I plan to put a high end portable unit in and I do not want to spoile the look of my ride.
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