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rent a car Dubai
United Arab Emirates is famous for its beautiful skyscrapers,
huge shopping malls with a variety of products ranging from cheapest to most expensive,
the collection of exotic cars and many more.
The World’s tallest residential and commercial tower now rests in United Arab Emirates i.e.
Burj Khalifa, and many more mouth-watering locations for tourists and adventure lovers.
World famous five star hotel Burj Al Arab is also among the top tourist destinations to visit.
Among all these beauties the capital of the country, Abu Dhabi also attracts tourists not only because of its peaceful environment,
but some more beautiful places that are not in Dubai the business hub of the capital.
Where Dubai is famous for its fast track and eventful lifestyle the capital of the country is famous for its peaceful environment,
beautiful beaches, big malls and some thrilling and adventure filled water parks also theme parks. rent a car in abu dhabi
rent a car abu dhabi
With so many places to visit the first question that pops-up in the tourists mind is the mode of transportation.
Department of Transport of Abu Dhabi has realized the need for public transport due to it’s
urban expansion and increasing tourists attracted by the capital and it’s other cities.
Capital’s bus transport system was launched in 2008 and since then the network has grown.
As a gesture of good-will the Abu Dhabi government operated these buses free for the residents,
and gradually as the years passed by
, bus system now operates on the card system which needs to be recharged by scanning on the machines mounted on the each bus stop.
This rule implies to residents as well as tourists on the visit visa.
For people who are willing to travel on their own and own an international driving license can rent a car in abu dhabi.

Renting a car has its own benefits, i.e. you are not bound to public bus timings,
and also you are not on the verge of missing your favourite event because the bus you were to board was late or you miss your transport., as the name suggest is the one stop for you to rent your favourite car and drive just by a click of a button.
You can browse the website search cars from different rent a car companies operating in the Emirate.
Whether it’s Belhasa car rental service or Advantage rent a car service this website is your one stop for all the car’s
you are willing to drive while you stay at one of the most eventful country of the world. 4x4, economical sedans or luxury car’s,Rent a Car Dubai | Cheap Rental Cars Dubai AED25
choose your preferred car at Visit them at

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You will need a full driving licence and must be over 21 to rent a bus in Dubai. If you are from outside the United Arab Emirates you will also need an International Driving Permit (IDP). For more information about driving regulations in Dubai, take a look at our page about renting a car in the UAE.
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