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Rotora kit on the cube

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been part of my sponsorship duties, here i present you the big brake kit for the nissan cube from rotora
is a 4 piston caliper with a 13" floating 2 piece rotors and stainless steel briaded brake lines
my wheels are 18" and the kit barely made it to fit
the braking is amazing and the full kit is much lighter than the oem brakes, plus the look is just stuning

you can order either slotted rotors or drilled and slotted
red calipers also blue and silver available upon request
please let me know what you guys think about the brake kit
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;D thanks i apreciatte the comment
at first i did wanted to stay on 15 wheels to since the ride is so comfortable but as usual i got injected with the mod bug :D now this is the result lol!
thanks eldizzle, i will ask thems once they finish with all the sema week and comeback home about price
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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