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Roof Racks?

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I'm in sales at a small dealership on Vancouver Island, we've got heaps of Kayakers and Cyclist here and we can't find a roof rack.......I work in the Bicycle biz for 15 years and called a few of my old contacts at Thule and Yakima and no one seems to be able to find one that'll work. Anyone here found one that works, as Nissan hasn't got one yet....Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Matt 8)
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I'm looking for a bike rack myself........
When I had my 2nd Gen Cube, I use to have a roof rack for my Mtn bikes.
I believe the roof racks were from Terzo
Yakima now lists the Cube on their website with the Q Towers system as the compatible roof rack system. Anybody have experience with this rack system?
This is great info!!! I'm definately going to get one of those ths year. Carrying lumber with the Cube would be ever so easy with just the cross bars. And maybe I'll end up getting a Yakima basket at some point too.
I'm definetely interested, but was surprised at the cost! The cross bars plus a bike system end up being around $! My last car (96 VW Jetta Trek) came with a bike rack, so I've never really looked into prices. Just surprised I guess. :eek:
Yeah, I wish it were a bit more affordable. I think the tray could be really useful though (and keep the boy from dirtying up the interior right away with camping gear). Definitely on my list of accessories to get but maybe I should actually get the car first.
I went camping the day after I got my Cube........I managed to keep it mostly clean!
buffalocube said:
Yakima now lists the Cube on their website with the Q Towers system as the compatible roof rack system. Anybody have experience with this rack system?
I just checked what I needed to convert my Yakima rack that I had for my Scion, to fit the Cube. I don't need the Q-Stands but do need the bars and Q-Clips. I have them on order and should have my rack set up once the parts arrive. I'll take pictures and let verify that the part numbers suggested work. ;)
Can't wait to see those pics. I think I'm going to wait until one of the Yakima distributors (REI, EMS, etc.) has a sale. I'd like to be able to put a load warrior on the cube but they're spendy!
I don't know what this is called but this is what I used my rack for on my Scion. Not all the time, just on road trips and especially now that I have a garage that the big black thing won't fit into. Just best to keep it off, lol.

Warning for anybody else that is going to put one of these on their Cubes.... with my Scion, I didn't fit into most parking garages. I notice that the Cube sits higher than the Scion so it'll even have worse clearance.

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Well, just ordered the Yakima roof rack and load warrior cargo basket for the cube. Rack Warehouse has 20% off until June 21st plus free shipping. I figured I would take advantage of the sale. We'll see if I can fit the cube into my garage with the load warrior basket mounted :-\
Yakima roof rack and load warrior basket have arrived. I'm hoping to have installed and take pics by the end of the day.
Well, the racks are installed and the basket is semi-installed. Installation was not quite as smooth as it could have been. The M measurements provided by Yakima didn't work out for me so I ended up adjusting to fit. I've never actually owned or installed a roof rack system before, but everything seems to be sitting right and tight. Here are a few quick snapshots I took...sorry for the low light and dirty car!


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Finally got the parts I needed to put my rack up. In a day or two, I will get my husband to put the little Yakima cargo box on top for me (and of course post pictures).

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JC3 said:
I'm looking for a bike rack myself........
Were you able to find a bike rack? I am looking too....
Milktruck - The Yakima Q-tower system has all sorts of rack accessories including bike rack components. You just have to buy the Q-tower system with Nissan cube specific Q-clips, and then pretty much any Yakima (or other brand round tube) bike rack will fit. Hope this helps.
Were those 58" bars? Looks really close to not fitting. LOL I do like the look and I do miss the rack I used it on the XB all the time.
buffalocube, that looks great!!! I'm also in love with your porous driveway. Bravo 8)
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