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Road Trip!

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We are leaving for Maryland tonight. If you live near Interstates, 40,81,64,66,95, all East of the Mississippi, look for Us, ;-)
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We saw 4 Cubes on our trip!

1 - White S near Washington DC (We flew by and could not see driver)
1 - Silver Krom Elkton, Maryland (Older couple 60ish?)
1 - Silver S Somewhere in Maryland
1 - Super Black S near Newark, Delaware.

We honked and waved at everyone, don't know if you saw us.
Yes we did, thanks!
Darnit we went to the speedway, and didn't see any down that way, ;-(.

The Super Black S we saw was brand new, had the temp tag on it, it looked like she just picked it up, or was just being very cautious, ;-)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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