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Rectangle . . .

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Am I the only one intrigued by the idea of a "stretch" Cube? They butchered Hummers, Navigators, etc., so why not our favourite little box. I think it would look awesome. Sadly, I have no photo-chop skills to display a demo version.
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35.5 - I could possibly get that if I lived in the flat lands of Ohio, my house was near the entrance of a highway, and I worked and shopped at a single food store 30 miles down the road. Unfortunately, I have some traffic lights and rolling hills that keeps my gas mileage down around 30-31 mpg.

Regarding a stretch cube; that's why I bought my cube now (even though I didn't need a car at this time) I liked the current "stubby" shape so much I was afraid they were going to ruin it by stretching it out in future models. That seems to be common with other cars that start out "cool looking" (e.g., Scion) then the designers react to those people who always want more cargo space. If I wanted more cargo space, I would have bought one of those already stretched cars.
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