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Rear Cargo Organizer SUCKS!!! So I am improvising

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So I recently took my dogs home this past weekend and was disappointed in the rear cargo organizer and how the rear seat has to be all the was back for it to work, thus providing a really really small cargo space for my two dogs. So I took out the cargo box and moved the seats all the way forward and was even more disappointed because now my dogs were so low to the ground that they could not see out the windows without standing up.

so.... for those DIYers.... I found a neat little cheap fix for those that really need to expand their flat cargo floor space. I went to walmart and bought two plastic storage bins. They have some just perfect to fit in the trunk area with the seats pushed forward. The one I got is just a smidge to tall but now I have something to compare it to and looking for one sightly shorter. Then I bought a thin piece of plywood. I am going to cut it to the size of the cargo space at the top of the bins and not the floor board and then place my cargo mat right on top. It should be the perfect height to the rear seats when folded down and pushed all the way forward. The the two storage bins are large enough to fit a full bookbag and more stuff. I have one used for my dogs food and the other will be used for my bags for the weekends.

This is something used for when I am travelling with my dogs and a friend, because you would lose the use of your rear seats.

I will have some pictures up at the end of the week when I get access to a jigsaw
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My new and improved rear cargo organizer!

So I finally finished the Cargo organizer and I like it a lot. I got 2 large file boxes and 2 smaller file boxes. They seemed more sturdy than the other storage boxes. I bought the thinnest piece of plywood I could find and cut to size and then cut another 7 inches off the end. I then put in some hinges and reattached the cut off piece so that I could use the lid with the seats pushed all the way forward or all the way back. I also wrapped the plywood lid with an old black fleece blanket. I find that there is more room to store stuff now than the factory cargo organizer and able to provide more of a cargo area to lay things down. It pretty much eliminated the gap from the back of the front seats and back seats. Anyways here are the pictures. The seats can still be upright.

The only on problem is that the top of the seat and the top of the rear of the car are not quite level anymore. A smidge to low for the seats and a good inch higher for the rear of the car. But that is okay with me as this was done mainly for my dogs. I got all this done for about $50 dollars. The file boxes where the most expensive things.


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