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price quote

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emailed some dealers in the socal area, interested in a cube s 6 speed.

a couple finally emailed me back- so weird how long it took.

the best one quoted exactly whats on edmunds website- invoice vs mrsp price- s model $14173, including splash guards $120 and interior design package ( mats?) $178 with the otd price $16350. taxes in los angeles is 9.75%, the dealer is in a lower sales tax area of 8.75%.

was thinking about the white but they only have silver or black available.

what do you all think about the quote?
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i assume the $16350 is without tax? mine was about $17700 including tax (8.1%), and i got the S with splash guards and interior package as well as paint sealant with a 5 year warranty. if you're set on white and don't mind waiting 3 months, do consider ordering one instead! and don't be shy about getting quotes from other dealerships in your area.

if the $16350 includes tax (which i doubt because the $14173 doesn't include the destination fee...), i'd say go for it because you probably won't ever find a better deal ;)
$16350 is a good deal. Of the dealerships I got pricing from these were the best:

1. Alhambra
2. Duarte
3. Fontana
4. West Covina

Check with Alhambra, I think they have an s manual in white.

Be careful though once you go through financing. My salesman wasn't pushy, but once I got to the financing manager he kept trying to convince me to buy the extended warranty. I think it took something like an hour - 1 and half hour until I gave in. He started the price at $2995 for 72 month/100000 mile warranty and went down to $1145. I thought I got a great deal, but found the warranty cheaper from Santa Rosa Nissan, I have 60 days to cancel the warranty.

how much did santa rosa quote for the extended warranty?
$16350 is the otd internet special price.

they just don't have white or charcoal right now. silver or black only.
tbone13 said:

how much did santa rosa quote for the extended warranty?
They have the warranty for $780. Here's their website: their deductible is $50 and mine is $100. I'm thinking about canceling the one I got and holding off to 35000 miles to see if I even need it. I mainly bought it because of the preferred package.

ah, after looking up "otd" i see that it's the final price including fees and tax (dealers can't do otd pricing here because car sales tax depends on the city you live in). i would be hard pressed to turn that down :)

as for the extended warranty, don't bother unless you plan on driving the crap out of the car.
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