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Possible issues with transmission and braking?

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I have only had my Cube for a little over a week, so I am new to this style of car. I have noticed a few issues and want to see if it is of the norm or something else.

1. Transmission: When I accelerate from a stoplight I noticed it feels as if the car moves fairly slow and takes a bit to get going. I have to push harder on the gas pedal to make it go. It's not bad per se, but it sorta feels like starting out in what would be 2nd gear.

2. Braking: When I am pulling up to a stoplight, the car starts to come to a stop and then right before it comes to a complete stop... there seems to be what I can describe as a slight jerk or lunge and then it stops. Now, when I have the car with OverDrive Off... I feel no such give or jerk. It only seems to happen with OverDrive On.

Just want to see what other people say. I am thinking about going and test drive another one from teh dealership to see if it does the same thing.
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Think this is pretty much bang on. ^^^^
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