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Pearl White SL

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I took a few shots of my new toy today so I figured I'd share them here.

I was kinda just window shopping, but Domo-kun made me buy it.

DS @ the beach club

Rear End @ The Metropolitan Hotel

DS @ The Metropolitan Hotel

DS @ The Metropolitan Hotel

Sorry for all the DS shots, I keep forgetting the cube isn't symmetrical! I guess I'll do some passenger side shots soon :-[

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Wow, that was quick. Nice photos. what camera did you use?
It would be nice to see more of the inside.
Really nice pics. Like the white W/ the light interior combo. Best of luck!
SWEET Pictures... Domokun looks like he is enjoying it
Verrrry nice photos. I love the backdrop locations that you used for your shots.
wow nice pics :yes:
Stunning! Thanks for the pics, and do let us know how you like it!
Thanks everyone, more pictures soon.
nice pics! great composition! again, you've got a great stream on flickr! big ups!
My o my i like white. My rims would have workd too. Oh well! Great photographs. Where is that?????

Can't wait for more pictures. Want the net flooded with cube!! lol
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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