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Hello, I have a 2011 cube that I cannot get the passenger door to open using either inside or outside handle. Since I can't get the door open, I cannot take the door skin off to access the lock mechanism. I probably went about this the completely wrong way, but I cut the door skin around the fabric piece. I can now get to the 2 cables that run from the inside handle to the lock but I am not sure how to proceed. From what I can see I am assuming that the upper cable is for the lock and the lower cable is for the latch. (I could be wrong.) i am thinking if I strip the plastic coating off the cable, I should be able to grap the wires with a pair of pliers and get the door open. I assume I will need replace the entire lock/latch actuator and cables anyway so i'm not really concerned with damaging it.
Just hoping someone out there that knows more than me can tell me if I am on the right path to fixing my issue or not.
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