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We are a 2 Cube family, bought a silver S model in May (first in town!) and a Steel Grey SL in July.
My rims are painted to match and I've discovered my first scuff, just over an inch, on the outer edge. Not huge, but I'm not sure how to proceed in repairing...

1. The car color is Steel Grey, but the rims are called Gunmetal. Are they the same? Would they use a different grade for the rims?

2. The scrape shows a tiny fringe of clear coat, almost like plastic. Is this better repaired professionally?
I had some clear coated rims in the 80's and it was a nightmare. The clear coat started flaking off like a sunburn and American Racing wouldn't cover under warranty.

3. If I do repair it myself, what should I use to prep the scrape for touch up paint? Sandpaper, steel wool?

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