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My Cube's paint code is K21.
It is metallic dark grey.
In Japan they call it K21 "Twilight Gray". Which is the name I like best describing the colour.
In Canada it is called K21 "Platinum".
I have seen it called variously on the forum as...
"Gun metal"
"Steel Gray"
Why so many different names for the same colour.

The Japanese have names like....for as they say "Body Colors".
Organic Olive,[#JAC]
Ash Blue,[#RAH]
Diamond Silver,[#KYO]
Luminous Red,[#AY4]
Pacific Blue,[#B51]
Super Black,[#KH3]
Bitter Chocolat,[#L50]
White Pearl,[#QX1]
Kraft Dan-boru,[#CAD] Looks like a yellowy beige.
and lastly
Twilight Gray,[#K21]

The paint code K21 can be found in the documents that come with the CUBE

I think K21 "Twilight Gray" is the best description for the metallic grey.

Cheers in passing in my Luverly Bubberly Twilight Gray CUBE. :yes:

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