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jeffbot said:

I've ordered samples from this company, it seems that CARID sells their product, (I assume since they use the same product numbers and schematic drawings.) I'm just wondering how their product will mould to certain grooves of the cube, ie. a/c vents.
I checked that out...the actual manufacturer is WowTrim. I'd be interested to see pictures of this kit installed! Anybody doing one of these?

Also, there's another company making kits, B&I:

They actually have a picture of it:
<img src="">

Not sure I like the big "cube" thing over the glove box, but I like how they did the radio vs. the WowTrim kit. The smaller pieces would be more difficult to install though. Here are the two schematics, B&I vs WowTrim, side by side:

<img src=""><img src="">

The B&I kit has a lot more detail around the radio, and instead of doing the tops of the doors, they've done the side panel where the bungees are plus around the door pull. The cube letters are chrome. It's also more expensive, $208 vs $121 at carID.

Now, if they only made these kits in shag...
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