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NST pulley on a nissan cube.....DIY

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today was freaking hot! perfect day to install the pulley on the cube, i got it since monday morning but the last couple days here were just cloudy and wet, ok
tools you will need:
flat screwdriver
19mm socket
big wratchet and long socket wrench
9/16 wrench
small wratchet with extension and a 10mm socket
jack and jack stands

start lifting the car and remove the front passenger wheel, after that put the jack stand rite next with the jack (safety is always a must)
-after that start by removing the quik snaps all around you wheel protector and a few ones under (just pry up with the flat screwdriver and they come off)
-once you finished with the quik snaps remove the couple 10mm screws that are holding the front part of the wheel protector
-after that move half way back the wheel protector and you will see the oem pulley along with the rest of the engine components

-next step is removing the belt, with the 9/16 wrench pull the tenssioner so the belt can loosen up and take the belt off, the tenssioner is rite on top the oem pulley with a hexagon shape

-the next step is to lossen the pulley, this can be done easily with an air gun but i dont have air tools at all and due to the size of the holes on the oem pulley you also cant use the pulley puller kit that you can loan at auto zone or pep boys so this is what i did to undo the bolt
with the use of the 5/8 wrench and a strong bolt trap the oem pulley so it cant rotate anymore see the pictures below

-unscrew the big bolt with the 19mm socket and the long bar, once you hear a pop it means the bolt got losse, take off the wrench that was holding the oem pulley and continue removing the big bolt
-dont panic if you see oil coming out of the bolt that holds the pulley it will be only a couple drops
-next with the flat screwdriver pry off the oem pulley, take your time and do it on a left&right sequence you will see the pulley will start to move around and soon it will come off

next you will have the chance to compare both pulleys, the nst and the oem together, you will notice rite away how heavy the oem is compared with the nst

-now you are ready to installthe new nst pulley
-use some of the oil that came off the big bolt and put some inside the nst pulley
-align the pulley with the engine shaft and pop it position just so it stays up there
-dont hit or slam the pulley to get it all way inside, instead used the big bolt again and tighten it little by little, you will see the pulley going in with no problem at all, once both pulley and bolt start to rotate together remove the bolt again just to make double sure that everything looks good in there

- after that procced to install the big bolt again and get it ready for a strong tight
-once you notice again the pulley rotates with the bolth when you tighten it do the wrench trick with the screw again and give it a good strong tight you will notice the engine will shift down a little bit as you tighten it for the last round (use a terry towel to wrap the wrench around the pulley so you dont scratch it when you tighten the bolt
-get the belt back on position and make sure the grooves meet the belt lines

and after that you are ready to go

reverse all the steps and put back the wheel protector back in place
from here and after is your own decision to just leave it as normal or cut a small window like me so you can see the pulley

remember! take your time and dont rush it, total time it took me just about one hour
no air tools and no pulley puller kit need it
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Along with the replacing, did you have to change the size of the belt?
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