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not to poke fun at Krom owners, but. . . :P

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anyone else see the resemblance? :p

p.s. sorry 'stonecrest2' i used your pic because thats what i thought of when i saw it

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lol classic.. I am not a huge fan of the rather have non chrome accessories..
I love the Krom just not the Krom interior. Tweed was oh so long ago.

And what I find interesting is if you read the manual the Krom has a lot of differences, you cant even tow it the same!

Christine ;)
yeah, can't say i'm a fan of the krom grille :no: but i don't think it's THAT bad ;)
i love the krom... but i must say that's pretty funny!!!! you've got a great imagination!!
I'm still reasonably happy to have the Krom, but I do think I prefer the Ginormous look. What sucks is that here in New York I have to taint my grill with an ugly license plate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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