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Mixed feelings ::)

Assuming tinted windows are standard equipment (maybe on higher-end/e-awd models) and they flip the hatch for US market, i like the exterior. Contrary to the popular opinion of "why round fog laps, its a cube?" ... I like the elements of circles in this cube... its still a cube, just a little more modern.

The interior, again unlike many, I doubt I will miss the front bench. Although, i am wondering where the center arm rest went? I want one. Also curious about the circular center stack (hvac controls?)

In terms of fuel economy, anyone decode what 2010 standards + 20% mean ? ... seems like some sort of cryptic language that they are using because they can't put hard numbers on it yet themselves (or don't want to until a major gov't test does it).

I am gonna wait for the official LA media presentation to be posted, maybe they will say more.

EDIT: a quit google discloses 2010 standard as 30mpg, so 2010+20% is 36mpg... now the question remains if that is city, hwy or mixed loop numbers? In either case, with the 1.5 liter in a car roughly the size of a mini clubman, we should easily see hitting mid 30s in regular mixed loop driving conditions.
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