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Nissan interior trim kit?

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Has anyone added the interior trim kit that you can buy from Nissan that matches the exterior of their cube? If so, post pics please!
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I read one thread that they are just attached with double-sided table.

That makes me wonder if it isn't a better deal to go with the 31 piece interior trim kits available in real wood or carbon fiber or a plethora of other color options. The price isn't too different (or cheaper) depending on the finish and you get more than 8 pieces, though I doubt I would use ALL the pieces.

I've seen them from a few online sources but I'd love to see what it REALLY looks like.

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Are you going to put it on the exterior :D

OK just kidding ???

I thought this was a replacement item when I first read up on it but its just appliques, not sure I am all into that
The site says it is permanent. I am not sure I like the idea of ruining the dash if or when it comes off.
the applique kits seem a bit...i dunno, cheap looking? see pics here:

i would be worried about getting all the pieces on straight, too, lol :-\ and i'm sure it would take plenty of goo-gone to get the residue off if you chose to remove the appliques.
coolguy said:
cheap looking

I just can't imagine that "improving" the looks of the interior at all.

Paint would look better!!!
I have the interior appliques on my cube. I don't think they look as cheap in person as they do in the pictures. It would have been nice if they were offered in other colors though.
Photos please!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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